Global Priorities Research

There are three main categories we are currently reviewing :

  1. Existential Threats – Threats that couild completely wipe out our species and many other species on Earth
  2. Extreme Suffering – Like poverty, hunger, disease etc
  3. Lost Potential – Lack of education and other resources
Photo by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Existential Threats

Some people believe these are the most important, since if we or something else wipes our species out completely, then what is the point of attending to the other matters.

These include :

  • Threats from asteroids
  • Nuclear war
  • Biochemical disasters
  • Potential threats from AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Extreme Suffering

Three million people still live below the UN’s official poverty level.

Too many people are killed or caught in war zones. Politicians should not be allowed to use war as a means to resolve conflicts. That’s obviously an over-simplification, but it would seem that we must move away from war as a method for resolving conflict.

Photo by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Lost Potential

We have the resources to ensure that everyone is properly fed, educated and cared for. We just seem not to be prioritising the resources we do have well.

For a slightly different and more detailed review, please see the article on our sister VIZYA website on our Recommended Global Priorities.