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WM is a social enterprise organization which envisions a better and more harmonious world, where all of humanity has their basic needs met. We plan to achieve our objectives by supporting others to make a difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate than them, which we believe supports the donors to achieve greater happiness as much as it does for the people being assisted. Our belief is that this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Vision-Mission
Our vision is an emerging  peaceful and progressive global community  arising from the challenges of   under-development, war, hunger, poverty, conflict, injustice, and environmental problems.

Our mission is to help empower  and transform global communities immersed in different social problems  by engaging in collaborative work with other charities, foundations, and global agencies.

Our main strategies for achieving our goals are by:
•    Providing research and publications on developmental issues and problems;
•    Acting as a global hub to connect beneficiaries and benefactors;
•    Conducting services and products to empower, educate, and enlighten communities;
•    Monitoring world events and issues and study their impacts on the world we live in.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Workshops.  WM provides customized workshops on peace education and conflict resolution to different global communities and organizations. The said workshops focus  nurturing a peace culture within each individual and in organizations.

World Monitor  Social Entrepreneurship Program.  WM  helps communities raise  income  by providing entrepreneurship program to indigents.  World Monitor stores  provide alternative revenue sources for communities affected by conflict and social problems.

World Monitor Global Empowerment Hub. WM  assumes the role  of a  convergent zone where donors and donee are given an opportunity to connect and collaborate. As a  global liaison organization, WM works from a macro  to a micro management function  in assisting NGOs, charities, and foundations reach their target beneficiaries. WM  provide market research, social enterprise proposals, and grant upon demand by both donors and donees.